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Unable to run the task using Scheduler.

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I am was getting many errors on schedule so i deleted current schedule and re-created and now i am getting "unable to run the task using scheduler. The system cannot find the specified file or registry item. (using version 1.0 (build 239) exchange 2007 SP2)

Then i get the following event viewer errors list as follows.

- user profile service ID: 1500
- Acronis Scheduler ID: 1
- Acronis Fomatik Agent ID: 56
- Acronis Recovery for Microsoft Exchange Management Console ID:56

Let me know if you require more info.

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Issue resolved:

I ended up contacting chat support and found that I was using wrong credentials under "The task will be started in accordance to the schedule using the specified user name and password. Task execution account." Which are my current login credentials. Just make sure the account that your running the backup has the proper rights.

Once logged in with my proper credentials I was ok.