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Acronis Snap Deploy - 2 Instances running

Thread needs solution
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Hi All,

Bit of an odd setup that we have here and wondered what if anything we can do about it.

We currently have 2 separate domains in our organisation, with each domain having its own installation of Acronis Snap Deploy.

Since installing the 2nd instance on the other domain, this instance can see all of the machines from the other instance and vice versa.

We don't want to get into a position whereby someone accidently deploys a system image to the wrong machine.

So I suppose the question is, what is the easiest way to prevent the machines in the other domain from either appearing in the machines list, or preventing deployment to these.

I can delete the machines from the other domain but they just re-appear after a while.

If I deny deployment to these machines, does that affect their ability to be imaged from the other instance?

Basically I don't want these 'other' machines to appear at all, is that possible?



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Hello Duncan,

thank you for your posting! Could you please share some more details on your setup:
- where exactly do you see machines that belong to another domain? On the OS Deploy Server or on the PXE Server? Could you post a couple of screenshots illustrating the issue

Normally, Acronis OS Deploy Server should only display machines that have been specifically assigned to this Deploy Server (you specify which OS Deploy Server to use during the Agent installation on the target machines).