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Acronis Snap Deploy 5 and Sophos Endpoint Encyption

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Hi all have a very weird problem that has started on laptops imaged with Acronis SD 5.

The laptops are imaged, Sophos Endpoint Encryption enable at boot up and then logged into by the user, this works fine for a few weeks until we make a minor change like installing a device driver or uninstalling and reinstalling a new application.

The laptops seemto them go into Windows Recovery mode and despite all our efforts we can not get it working. I am sure this is an Acronis issue as when we build a laptop manually rather than from a cloned image there are no issues.

Anyone seen this before ?

Regards Ivan

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We use McAfee Endpoint Encryption.  Making changes to the OS has no issue. However, making any change to a parition (shrinking, extending, resizing, etc). breaks the disk signature that McAfee is expecting as McAfee creates it's own parition for the preboot authentication and encryption process and when the disk is not as it was last partitioned, McAfee considers this a tampered disk and does not allow it to boot.  We then have to decrypt, repair with Windows and re-encrypt and all is well again.  Not fun at all, but it is a McAfee issue adn am wondering if it could be similar with Sophos?  I have no idea why uninstalling or reinstalling an application would make any difference as that is just changing data on the drive, unless that applicaiton also modifies the partiion scheme in the background somehow.