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Acronis Snap deploy 5 - Client reboots again and again after updating to the new version

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I used ASD5 (i think 1604 Build or 1749) with 100 Machines in the last Years. 

Yesterday I updated to the new Build, deployed a Image made with the new build and got a Problem after successful deploying to the client.

When the clients restarts to create the new SID and the other settings for the client it restarts again and again since I shut off. It makes the settings and restarts but go no further to register the client to the domain.

Can someone help? Can I somewhere download the 1604 or 1749 BUILD?

What was the last Build bevor the actual?

Thank you!

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Alfons, log into your account and find the Snap Deploy product.  There are different versions that you can select from there.  

Have you tried the latest Snap Deploy version as well?  It is currently at version 1924.