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Acronis Snap Deploy 5 Verfügbare Netzwerkschnittstellen

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Hallo liebes Acronis Team,

im Rahmen meines Abschlussprojektes möchte ich mit der Software Acronis Snap Deploy 5 auf einem Windows Server 2016 Images an Surface Laptops verteilen.

Ein PE-Medium habe ich bereits erstellt und das Surface bootet auch via PXE.

Nur findet er an der Stelle an der die Maschine zum Deployment bereit ist keine Netzwerkschnittstelle.

Das Stadium des Deployment Tasks ist ebenfalls auf "Nicht bereit".

Müssen evtl. Treiber hinzugefügt werden? Wenn ja, welche?

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Hello Anna,

welcome to Acronis forums!

For better compatibility with your hardware, you can select drivers to be added to the Win-PE media.

Download and unzip drivers from the computer manufacturer's website. You need drivers, that are listed under "Storage", "Chipset", "Disks", "SATA", "AHCI", "RAID", "NVMe", "PCIe", "M.2", "U.2", "USB", "Network", "Ethernet", "Wi-Fi" sections. If you do not need network support, skip "Ethernet", "Network" and "Wi-Fi".

The drivers must be extracted in a folder so that individual files .inf, .sys, .cat etc are present. If the drivers are in a single .exe or .msi file, try launching this file, see if it offers an option to extract rather than install drivers.

Sometimes computer manufacturers do not provide the drivers in extractable format, or the PC's hardware could have been customized afterwards. In such case you need to figure out the model of the controller that is used to access the disk and find the drivers for it in zip/rar/7z format. One of the most popular drivers that are needed for a successful internal drive recognition, and that are missing in the default clean WinPE media, are Intel RST drivers.