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Agent unable to connect to deployment server in different subnet

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I'm facing some issues with Snap Deploy 5 (build 1780).

I'm switching from a deployment server in the same subnet as the client, to a server, which operates in a different subnet.

Client -> 192.168.x.x

Server -> 10.76.x.x

To make PXE-Boot work the PXE-Server in installed on a machine, which runs in the clients subnet. (via WOL Proxy)


So WOL works and the client boots via PXE and starts the Agent. The Agent then tries to connect with the deployment server (10.76.x.x) but stucks at "connecting to OS Deployment Server ..."


When I boot into the Agent via Boot CD, the same error occurs.


Do I miss something? Do I have to do any further configuration in order to deploy images from one subnet to another?


Help would be appreciated!




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I believe the work-a-round is to deploy the Acronis Wake-on-LAN Proxy on each additional subnet and that should hopefully get them talking.  

Haven't done this myself, we basically just deploy on one subnet and ship the systems once they've been built when they need to go to remote sites.


Please see:

Deployment in another subnet

Machines in another subnet (behind a network switch or router) can be woken up through the Acronis Wake-on-LAN Proxy component.

If Acronis Snap Deploy 5 OS Deploy Server is installed in one subnet (Subnet 1) and the target machines in another subnet (Subnet 2), prepare deployment as follows:

  1. Install Acronis Wake-on-LAN Proxy in Subnet 2.
  2. Prepare Acronis PXE Server in either of these ways:
    • Install the PXE server in Subnet 2 and configure that PXE server. This way, only machines in Subnet 2 can boot to the PXE server.


    • Install the PXE server in Subnet 1. Enable this PXE server to also work in Subnet 2 by configuring the network switch to relay the PXE traffic. The PXE server’s IP addresses are configured on a per-interface basis using IP helper functionality in the same way as DHCP server addresses. For more information, see This way, machines from both subnets can boot to this PXE server.
    • Deployment in another subnet by using Acronis Wake-on-LAN Proxy. The network switch is configured to relay the PXE traffic and DHCP traffic.

  1. Create the deployment task. When creating the deployment task, specify the Wake-on-LAN proxy and specify the PXE server that you prepared in the previous step.

Note: If your router also acts as a Network Address Translation (NAT) device, see also “Deployment behind an NAT device”.