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Applying image to a blank SSD

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I am trying to apply an image to a blank SSD but Acronis does not see the drive untill I format it.

Is there no way to format the drive as part of the imagning process?

I am trying to use this from the Standalone installer.



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HI Matt,

Unfortunately no.  Some disks come from the factory without being intialized.  Usually, SD5 still works for me and will handle those disks and format on the fly, but in some cases, like you, I have to initialize it first in Windows or with another tool.  Acronis True Image 2016 has the "add new disk" option which does this, but for some reason, it is not in the stand -a-lone of SD5 or there is no similar feature.  Please submit feedback for this feature through the application, I think it would be useful too.