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Backup Question

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Hey all,

Using SnapDeploy 5 to create an image of a drive. The issue(not sure if it is an issue actually) is that is copies the entire drive (500GB) So when going top image other drives of smaller volume it errors out.

There is only a windows 10 install on this image and nothing more. Is there a way to have it only copy the image on the drive or does it default to copying the entire drive whether it has data or not?

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Hello Zane,

welcome to Acronis forums! Bigger size of the resulting image suggests that the Agent perms imaging in the sector-by-sector mode. This mode can be enabled by a user (from command-line, parameter - raw ) or switched on automatically in case of corrupted or unsupported file system.  I'd start with checking the master system for errors.

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exactly! you may write in a somewhat compressed mode.