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BAT-Anwendungen werden in Templates nicht ausgeführt

Thread needs solution
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Ich versuche mehrere, über die Templates eingetragene "auszuführende Anwendungen" nach unten aufgeführten, abgekürzen Beispiel zu starten.

Diese werden jedoch nicht ausgeführt (als Kontrolle sollten diese Text-Dateien auf den Admin-Desktop schreiben)

Im laufenden Betriebssystem werden diese korrekt ausgeführt.

Liegt es evtl. am falschen Nutzerkontext nach dem Acronis-Deployment?


@echo off
for /f  %%a in ('getmac /nh ^| find "zutreffend"') do set mac=%%a

if "%mac%" == "90-1B-0E-95-D5-XX" goto computer1
if "%mac%" == "90-1B-0E-94-D5-YY" goto computer2

((wmic computersystem where name="%computername%" call rename name="pc1") ^| findstr /c:"ReturnValue = 0")
if %errorlevel% == 0 set NewName=cube1 & goto OK

((wmic computersystem where name="%computername%" call rename name="pc2") ^| findstr /c:"ReturnValue = 0")
if %errorlevel% == 0 set NewName=cube2 & goto OK

echo -----------  F E H L E R  ------------ > C:\Users\admin\Desktop\Computername-FEHLER.txt                               :
goto ENDE

echo ----- %NewName% erfolgreich gesetzt ----- > C:\Users\admin\Desktop\"%NewName%-OK"                          :

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Hello Jens,

welcome to Acronis forums!

Your bat file needs to be tested, thus, I would recommend that you contact Acronis Support Team with this request.

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I wrote 2 tickets but never got a response for it :-(

I also contacted a support-employee but i also never become a response.

Thats why i try this way over the forum.

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Hello Jens.

We regret to know that you are not satisfied with Acronis Support Team service. I recommend that you open a new support case  with a request to test this bat file and a link to this forum thread.

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I never became a ticket-number nor any answer to my both tickets.

I also wrote to Avgustina Volosetskaya from German Support directly - no answer.

Now i wrote a third(!) ticket with this problem with an emphatic request for an answer.

Thank you for YOUR reaction.

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Dear Jens

we'd also grateful if you could share the results of the investigation here, so that other users with similar issues can find the forum topic and the documented solution. Thank you in advance! 

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The German support could`nt help us because they give us solutions to call extern programs like EXE.

For users that have such tasks that may help:

For our problem with BAT files that are calling different executables with different parameters and interrogates we compile our BAT files with a simple program into EXE files, which are then can be stored in ANY folder and are executed fine from there.

Greetings from Weimar, Germany