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Build 1660 - HPRecovery and HPTools Partitions Full Post Image Deploy

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I am snapping and deploying an image from and to an HP ProDesk 600 G1 SFF with 1 system partition, 1 HPTOOLS partition and 1 HPRECOVERY partition. The Snap Image process works just fine but when I try to then Deploy the Image to an identicle machine as stated above the Image deploy process works fine but the HPTOOLS and HPRECOVERY partitions are full.  I manaully updated the machine and checked the two partitions before snapping an image of the machine and they were just fine as in NOT FULL.  I dont see anything out of sorts that are now making the two partitions full and I understand these type of partitions are small and usually almost full but not like they are now they are showing RED and nearly completly full.  Anyone experience something like this????


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Hello Chris,

Thank you for your posting! Would you kindly post some screenshots showing the original and resulting partitions layout. Deployment settings would be also helpful. What is the size of original and target drives? If the target drive is smaller and you've selected Resize volumes to fit target disk in the deployment settings, this could result in the smaller volumes containing the same amount of data as on the original drive.

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