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CD/DVD/BluRay Restore Question

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Forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask this question.

I have a few sites that I support for my customer that are closed/standalone systems with no enterprise network infrastructure capability. This creates a painful situation where our clients have to manually capture and deploy images with a Terabyte Image for Linux CD and an external hard disk containing the images. It's not a bad piece of software, but I want to eliminate the aspect of having to rely on the external hard disks because of the failure/data loss issues and have the images deploy directly off of DVD/BluRay discs. This makes it a little cheaper and more expendable than the external hard disk solution, and is easier for our customer to just pop in the disc, press a button and their system is restored. 

At each site there's around 20 or so machines we're trying to accomplish this task with. Terabyte Image for Linux WILL accomplish this, but the images do not fit on a BluRay disc. I've attempted to compress the image and downsize it multiple times and it still will not play, which is strange because it will not fit my 35GB compressed images on a 25GB BluRay disc, but it will take a complete 500GB (most likely disregards unallocated sectors) image on my Ext4 formatted Red Hat 6 machines onto the BluRay discs.

Has anyone/does anyone have to deal with a similar scenario? Would these images be tied directly to the machine that the image was captured on or can it be universal for a multitude of machines (ie, like Sysprep generalization).

Thank you in advance for your help.

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The image can be used to deploy to any system.  One of the features during deployment is universal deploy which facilitates this.  Alternatively, you can "systeprep" your system to be imaged first and then capture the image and use that to deploy.  Just be sure to image before and after sysprep so you can return to your pre-sysprep image as there is a re-arm limit of 3 tries when using sys-prep and you don't want to have to keep building your golden image from scratch (return to the pre-sysprep image and keep updating it, rinse and repeat - VM's can be very helpful with this process).

The only thing you'd need to be sure of is the OS licensing, but that's a Microsoft "issue" and not an Acronis issue.

Scenario:  You have a NEW Dell with Windows 10 PRO that you have never turned on and activated with Microsoft yet - that could be an issue when it comes to licensing it after deploying an image.  This is because Windows 10 licenses are tied to the motherboard now and the hardware must have phoned home to Microsoft to activate the original license at least one time.  

If the OS of the image was previously licensed on the same hardware it's being restored to (think Windows 10) then it should license just fine.  However, if you get a new OEM (Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc) with Windows 10 Home or Pro and have not fired it up yet and let it communicate with Microsoft to activate the license, you may have an issue deploying an image and getting it to license.  Once the system has ALREADY checked in with Windows and registered the hardware / license with Microsoft, you can deploy any image back to it, as long as it has the same OS version (Win 10 Pro to Win 10 Pro or Win 10 home to Win 10 home).