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Cloning Drive C

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Dear All, I have been using Acronis Snap Deploy 5.0.1,660 for our new project and it was working fine to take a full golden image from laptops and workstations. However, whenever I try to take only C Drive with the same software and deploy it to another laptop or workstation. The User Profile Service will close and it will not allow me to log in with any administrator profile. When I tried to go to safe mode I could not even log in as well. Kindly note that I am using Windows 10 as a golden image and sometimes Windows crashes for users and gives the BSOD. Is there any solution to take C Drive only without any problems?

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You better backup the hidden partition/partitions together with the C:. And restore them together.

Restoring C only on a clean hard disk will definitely not work.

Restoring C only on an active disk - may work...

I hope I understood what you did.



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I will try that tomorrow and inform you. Thanks for your reply :)

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How'd it go?  Are you using the latest 1749 version as well?