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Compatibility issue with HP computers

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Hi Team,

i just want to talk about a thing with Acronis Snap Deploy that grind my gears for months: i can't deploy a master from an HP 430 G3 (new version) or a HP 600 G2.

When i launch the deployment, it start at 0% and the computer go back his original state.

Do you have issues like this and solution?

Thanks for your help.



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Which version of Acronis Snap Deploy 5 are you using currently?  I did recently have to use a Win PE disk and load all the drivers for the HP machine to allow me to boot up and image the computer without any issues.  I would look into trying that and see if will help you get further with imaging those machines.  You can always look at the deployment job logs to see what is showing up for the error and other people might be able to help you out there.


Hopefully this helps if you have anymore questions let me know.  We image HP laptops, desktops, and streams here and run into this issue before.