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Dell Precision 7730 NVMe Drive not found

Thread needs solution
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We are attempting to create an image for a Dell 7730 and its coming up as no drive found. We have updated to the newest version but its still not seeing the  M.2 1TB NVMe PCIe Class 40 SED SSD

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From the description of your problem it appears that you are creating an image using the recovery media. My understanding is that the Linux based recovery media does not have drivers for NVMe drives. Have you tried using the WinRE based recovery media? This can be created from within ATI 2018 or ATI 2019.

May I suggest that you post in the forum specific to the Acronis software being used: ATI 2018 or ATI 2019.


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We are using Acronis snap deploy to attempt a master image creation.

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Tom Reminga wrote:

We are using Acronis snap deploy to attempt a master image creation.

Hello Tom,

I suspect the issue here is the same as in  So, first of all, I'd try changing the SATA mode and booting the machine from a WinPE media.  

I'd also install the build 1808 which is available in

If nothing helps, please contact Acronis support team for investigation. 

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Good day everyone!  Has there been any resolution to this particular issue?   I have the exact same scenario going on, but our current machine is the Dell T5820 with an NVME drive.

I've followed the suggestions of Ekaterina on December 17th, with no resolution, and just wanted to check on this forum before submitting a ticket to the support team.

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Matt, build winpe rescue media and include the IRST drivers from Intel.  These are needed when NVMe drives are configured in RAID or RAID-on by manufacturers.  The latest SD5 1888 now offers standalone deployment with WinPE too.  You can inject the drivers, or use the MVP custom winpe builder to help with the injection (and you'll probably like the layout of the MVP winpe a little better too).