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Deploy causes target to shut down

Thread needs solution
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Hey all, I'm imaging some Dell 5050's that previously (created under 1780) worked and imaged fine. Now that we are on the new beta, when I try to deploy those fine images back to a 5050, the deploy process kicks off (the machine is found so no probs there) but then the target machine immediately shuts down. No firewalls are turned on. Win 10 Enterprise system image. Any thoughts?

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Hello Dave,

thank you for your posting! What build version did you use prior updating to 1780? Are there any error messages in the Agent's operation log

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I believe we were on what 15.666 the release that was officially Windows 10 compatible. 


Anyway, as requested, here's the log for a simple image I was trying to deploy. It shut the 5050 down when I tried just now. 

Log Entry Details
Type:          Information
Date and time: Monday, November 26, 2018 8:39:25 AM
Code:          0 (0x340000)
Module:        52
  Session 'Default': Join client ''.


That's all I see. Thoughts?

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Dave, I don't recall the error message we found in our logs, but we had a similar issue.  We chalked it up to the incompatibility b/t the two builds.  Since then, we've created new images using the latest Beta and all's good.  That takes some time, but is well worth it.

For testing, we installed the software on a separate PC and had two versions of SD available (not forgetting to stop the services on the server that wasn't being used.)

Nvdev, we went ahead and bit the bullet and converted our images over to 1761.  This was a bit of a task, but well worth it in order to regain useablity - plus, with the speed of SnapDeploy, it didn't take too long.  YMMV


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Thank you ! I was wondering if it were something, perhaps differences in compression algorithms. Guessing this may be the case. Thank you very much for responding much appreciated !