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Deploy results in new Administrator User

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Recently we have upgraded to build 1924 and suddenly we are experiencing an odd scenario.  When we deploy Windows 7 to a block of machines (2 to 7) together all of the same make and model with the image and template some of them, when rebooted, will have a bad Administrator account which Windows creates a local replacement for.  This only happens to some of the machines and only when deploying to multiple machines at the same time.  We used to get this infrequently with previous builds but this is happening a lot with build 1924.  Apparently there is no easy fix for this.  Redeploying the same machine(s) with the same template can fix the problem but sometimes it takes a couple tries and some large images (250GB+) can take over 2 hours to deploy.  Help anyone?

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Hello Eric,

this issue needs to be investigated together with our support team, seems to be environment specific. I didn't find any useful information about such cases in our internal system.