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Deployment starts and immediately stops

Thread needs solution
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I am running Acronis Snap Deploy 5 OSD server version 1808. I am attempting to perform an online deployment to a machine on the same subnet as my OSD server with a Snap Deploy 5 version 1808 management agent installed.

I have a deployment task created with the options:

  • Use PXE server - disabled
  • No wake-on-LAN settings
  • Start deployment task
    • Now

Utilizing a deployment template with the options:

  • Deploying image locally stored on OSD server
  • Online deployment
    • Reboot into: Acronis media
    • Install Agent after deployment
  • Target disk layout
    • Default Disk
    • Erase and occupy disk entirely
    • Convert to GPT if larger than 2TB
  • Disk space utilization
    • Occupy the entire disk
  • Settings preference
    • Individual machine settings override (machine has no individual settings)
  • Machine name and membership
    • Alphanumeric name with no special characters or spaces
    • Joining to domain with valid domain credentials
  • TCP/IP Properties
    • A range of 10 consecutive, valid, unused IP addresses with correct subnet mask, default gateway, and dns server
  • User accounts
    • None
  • Security Identifiers
    • Generate a unique SID for each deployed machine
  • Action after deployment
    • Restart
  • Files to transfer
    • None
  • Application to run
    • None
  • Network Utilization
    • Unicast
    • Bandwidth throttling: 1.172 GB
  • Licensing
    • During deployment: Use machine licenses, stop if none remaining
    • If License server is out of workstation licenses during deployment: Stop deployment
  • Universal Deploy
    • Use - Files stored on Network share located on OSD server
  • Mass storage drivers to install anyway
    • Do not install the specified drivers

The target machine shows online before I start the task, but immediately when I start the task the machine shows "Not ready" and the task fails. The error that I find in the logs reads:

Additional info:


Error code: 257 (0x640101)

Module: 100

LineInfo: 26EE85C58ABF3226

Fields: $module : "osd_server_vs_1808"

Message: [Nothing]


Let me know if you need any further information.

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Hello Thomas,

the quote of a log you provided is not enough to analyze why the target machine becomes unavailable.

Please recreate Acronis Bootable Media and check the box with the option to save the agent’s log to the deployment server (designed primarily for troubleshooting). Then reproduce the deployment. The log will be available on the deployment server in the following folder: %AllUsersProfile%\Application Data\Acronis\DeployServer\AgentsLogs

I have sent you an FTP link for uploading the log

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Thank you, Maria, for your response and assistance. Unfortunately, bootable media deployments work fine in this situation so a log from the bootable media would not help. I am attempting to perform an online deployment to the target machine and it is integral that I am able to discover how to do online deployments for my environment. The attached log in my previous message is the sole error message from the deployment task log on the OS Deployment server. Is there a different process that I should follow to get you the information you need?

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Hello Thomas, 

Acronis Bootable Media with enabled logging writes all logs of the deployment operation from the target machine where the Agent is installed to the deployment server. These logs will give us information about what happened on the target machine when you initiated the deployment task.

You need to specify this new media in Online deployment settings 

When a target machine reboots into Acronis media it gets lost for Acronis OS Deploy Server until this bootable media signals Acronis OS Deploy Server back that the deployment is started. 

If you have a possibility to look at the target machine's screen when the deployment task is started, please describe what happens there.


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Hi, Maria.

Sorry for the late follow-up and also sorry for my ignorance in Snap Deploy configuration. I'm setting up a completely new Snap Deploy environment and was unaware that the bootable media needed to be built into the Master Image. After creating a Master Image with the bootable media built in, I was able to successfully perform an online deployment.

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Hi, Thomas.

Thank you for updating this thread with the issue resolution details. 

Please also note that Update 4 for Acronis Snap Deploy 5.0 has been released.