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DHCP settings for server hosting PXE Server

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I've been looking into an issue we had on our DHCP server; which also has Acronis Snap Deploy with PXE Server installed.

What happened was that, workstations were unable to get DHCP addresses. After some lengthy troubleshooting, I found that the pxesrv.exe was listening on UDP 67 so was the DHCP service. Running wireshark, I found that DHCP packets were being received on this server, but nothing was being sent out. My thoughts was that the PXE server was listening on UDP 67 and getting all the packets, instead of the DHCP server.

So when I stopped the pxesrv.exe service; I was immediately able to get DHCP working; addresses was being handed out. I started the pxesrv service again, and this time I can still get addresses. 

My guess is that the pxesrv service was misbehaving and intercepting the DHCP packets, preventing the DHCP server from receiving the packets.

For now it seems to be working again, but I have the feeling that this issue will crop up again in the future.

Looking through the Acronis forums and articles, it seems that I need to add DHCP option 60 with the string "PXEClient" into my DHCP server. However I haven't been able to find anything in relation to changing the UDP port on the PXE Server?

Does anyone know how to go about changing this? or if there are any additional steps to configure on a server hosting both DHCP and Acronis SD5?




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Hello Abu_S,

welcome to Acronis Forums! I've discussed your case with the RnD and according to my colleagues no special changes are required in order to run PXE on the same machine with DHCP. The port 67 should stay open for PXE to get information about booting clients and responding to them. What you encounter should be investigated with the help of our support engineers (see how to open a support ticket). Please share the outcome of the investigation with the community. As the temporarily workaround you may want moving PXE to another machine.