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error 32 sound card disabled

Thread needs solution
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No sure what is going on here. 5.1666 version SnapDeploy. I created a image, and tested it on site. I have no issues when deploying the image to computer here in my office. I copy the image to other office sites, and the tech's are imaging the same models of computer and they are getting a red x on the sound card. I have tracked it down to a registry setting on the HD audio controller being set to 4 on the devices imaged at the other locations, but 1 on the devices here.

Changing the setting to 1 enables the sound card. This is happening on multiple images and models. It's been difficult to work on, since i do not have these issues when using the image here.

Any Ideas?




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Hello Rick, I'd suggest trying to insert the drivers for the sound card during deployment with Acronis Universal Deploy, have this helped?