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Error code 5 when deploying image from a nas

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I am getting an error code 5 (0x7e0005), Module 126 from the log on my snap deploy server. It is stating that the .tib file is unavailable.  

The image is on a large nas I had built for saving and deploying images, I can save images to the nas just fine, no issues there. Just when I try to deploy.

I start my deployment to a pc that is on the network, it reboots into the agent and the moment it gets to the next screen the system reboots.

Log file is attached

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2018-05-31-122323.log 6.06 KB
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bump, any ideas? I keep trying to deploy an image and get the same error. However, I can capture master images just fine and send them to the nas.

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Hello Justin,

I'd suggest you updating to the build 1761 (can be found HERE), re-create the master image and re-attempt deployment. Try to specify the path to the master image using the IP of the NAS. 

Note: all builds higher than 1749 do not support archive created with this version and archives by  Acronis Backup products, because the mechanism of archive creation has changed. Images created with 1749 still could be deployed with a standalone utility.