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Error Trying to Install Management Console

Thread needs solution
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I am using the latest build - SnapDeploy 5 Build 1877.  The server upgrade was successful, however when I am trying to install the management console on my local machine I receive the error attached.  I appreciate any help!

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Not sure about this specific error. 

For starters, close the installer and then clean out %temp% and then try to launch the installer again (be sure to right click and "run as administrator" even when logged in with an admin account already.

If that doesn't do it, reboot and then log back into the OS, stop all SD5 services in computer management and then try to install just that item again - if the service is in use and can't be stopped through the upgrade, it may be hanging.

Or, if you're able to start from scratch, I'd remove SD5 completely from control panel, reboot, run the cleanup tool ( - the ATI one should cleanup SD5 as well) reboot and reinstall again without having any upgrade to get in the way . 

Otherwise, wait to see if a forum mod can weigh in on the specific error.