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Issue with Universal Deploy with Snap Deploy 5

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When attempting to deploy an image to a machine using Snap Deploy 5 we have selected the individual machine override settings and have set the IP address and hostname there. Unfortunately, when we image it, the machine sets the IP address and hostname to the IP and hostname from the image and not the one that is in the machine's settings in the deployment task. How do we ensure that these settings get pushed with the image?

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You may want trying to use Microsoft System Preparation Tool (Sysprep) before creating the image of the system as the workaround

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You may also want to uncheck the setting in the deployment template that sets the IP and machine name to the same as the master image and set it to obtain dynamically. The application of the hostname and IP settings happens after the deployment completes, so if there is already a static IP set I have seen this cause issues in our environment.