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Laptop not booting to hard disk after imaging

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I was able to create an image of an HP 840 G4 and deploy it an another identical laptop using a WinPE usb stick with the Acronis Agent on it.  When I try to boot the laptop, if the network cable is plugging in, it tries to connect to a PXE server using IPv6.  When I unplug the network cable, the laptop displays:

BootDevice not found. 

Please install an operating system on your hard disk.

Hard Disk - (3F0)


Did I miss something in creating the deployment template in order to make the imaged machine bootable?  Or is there another utility to run?

Using Snap Deploy 5 5.0.1,749.

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Have you set the boot order back to the hard drive? I'd also check if the hard drive is detected. Try going into your BIOS and check if it detects anything under SATA or IDA.