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Licenses - how to reuse

Thread needs solution
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We have a lab with 42 computers.  We have 43 Snap Deploy 5 Machine Licenses.

Some computers have been decommissioned (approx. 15) and replaced with new ones to have a new total of 38 computers in the lab.

I didn't realize until it was too late that each machine license was associated to a computer (by MAC address I assume) and now I, even though I have enough licenses, I can't use them to deploy images to the new computers.

Worse yet, there is no way of seeing which license is associated with which computer!

Is there any way to fix this?

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Good question!

I can't speak from experience, but can't we just delete the machines out of the Machines tab?  If we don't know what machines are associated what what license, my guess is the all of the machines can be deleted and then we may start fresh?

That's kinda what I did when testing two different ASD versions.

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Hello Tim,

Acronis License Server of Acronis Snap Deploy has no option to revoke a license - each Machine License of Acronis Snap Deploy is tied to a MAC address, therefore if the hardware has been changed, you need to contact Acronis support team to get new keys (send the list of decommissioned machines with MAC-addresses and some document that can prove the old hardware has been changed). 

To enter the overview of licenses assignment to the MAC addresses, open the console of the License Server: 

on the machine with the License Server start C:\Program Files (x86)\Acronis\License Server\LicenseServerConsole.exe and in the opened console go to View Usage Info