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Linux boot media wipes disk partitions on selecting Stand Alone

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Create 2 partitions on a USB HDD.

On one partition, copy the files from the Linux ISO.  The second partition is for the image files.

Boot from the USB HDD.

Choose Option 1:  Acronis Snap Deploy 5 Standalone Utility

By the time you get to the screen to restore the image, the USB HDD has no partitions.

If instead, Option 2:  Acronis Snap Deploy 5  Master image creator, the partitions are not lost.

Using the Windows PE boot option instead of the Linux boot option has no issues.

This is with the latest ISO downloaded today 7-7-2020, having also downloaded the Acronis Snap 5.02,012.

The previous Linux ISO that I had, 5.01,994 (I think it was) errors when attempting option 1 or option 2 so unable to say if the problem existed there.



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Hello Jim,

thank you for your posting! According to my colleagues from the RnD, if the media wasn't created using one of the options described in Acronis bootable media, we cannot guarantee it's correct functioning. Such cases might work, but likely won't be investigated.