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make image to the same pc

Thread needs solution
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i am a senior IT at a media company.

we are thinking about buying Acronis Snap Deploy .

basicly for other users.

now i have downloaded a trial version.

but i have an unusual question.

i want to add a ssd HD to my pc and spill into it an exact image of my pc (CURRENT HD) now.

how can i do that with Acronis Snap Deploy?

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Hi Gil, 

Yes. With Snap Deploy 5, you can first take an image of system, deploy it to a new hard drive, remove the original and replace with the new one - should boot fine.

In an enterprise environment, you can automate this process to deploy to several systems at the same time using the exact same image.  HOWEVER, when deploying a single image to multiple computers, ideally, you would build your base image (the one you want to deploy to other computers) and get it exactly how you want it.  If you are in an Active Directory environment, you generally do NOT want to use an image that has ever been joined to Active Directory (keep your base image in a workgroup to avoid Active Directory issues down the road).  If you're doing a 1 for 1 image, such as what you want to do with your machine hardrive to an SSD and will be putting it in the same computer again, then it really doesn't matter.  You would just not want to take your image and deploye it to others (if the image was taken of an AD joined computer) as all of the resulting computers woudl have the same AD informaiton embedded into them too. 

When you deploy images, you can 1) Sysprep during the deployment process (no need to sysprep in advance)  and 2) you can genearlize hardware drivers so that you can deploy the image to different hardware systems.  In your scenario where you would be just upgrading the hard drive of your own computer and putting the new SSD inside it again, you would not need to do either though. 

As long as you have boxed (transferable) licenses and/or an enterprise license, then Windows licensing will not be an issue.  If your base image has an OEM license (for instance, the one that comes with your specific Dell, HP, Lenovo, etc hardware), the image will deploy, but the license may not activate.  This would be a limitation of Windows licensing with Windows 8.1 and earlier.  If all systems are running Windows 10 already, there would be no issue using OEM license though - with Windows 10, once hardware has been licensed it is always licensed for that version.

Since you have the trial installed, give it a test.  If you have physical access to your test systems, you can use the offline bootable recovery media "stand-a-lone" mode to deploy images without burning any trial licences.  You should test with the deployment server and the offline media to give both options a try.