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Master Image Creator not prompting for credentials

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This issue just started recently, until now everything has worked well and there have been no network changes on our end.

We have snap deploy on its own subnet not connected to our main network.

I'm trying to upload a master image of a new PC and every time I try to browse the location to save (the server we set up for acronis) it is not asking me for credentials as it usually has in the past.  Now instead I just get an error 'You do not have enough privileges to creat file, please choose another location'


Has anyone ran in to this before or have any ideas how I would be able to have it prompt me for credentials?


If I hook my laptop in to that network I am able to ping the acronis server as well as access the shared images folder we have set up on it with no issue.

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I typically just type in the sever IP and share name (the full path), before hitting enter.

When prompted for credentials, if on an AD domain, I always have to enter 


if in a workgroup, then I have to enter 


Try the IP and full path before you hit enter - did anyone change share permissions - perhaps at an earlier folder level?  If so, that might prevent you from being able to step through to the end folder you're trying to access with that account.  This is why using the full path before pressing enter (when manually typing it in the path location), may be helpful.