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MBR Error 3 After deploying an image using Snap Deploy 5

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Hello all,

Coming here with my issue too see if I can get any further than I have with online chat support. I have been imaging machines at work using Snap Deploy 5 and I have updated to the latest release. For the past couple of months, I have this random issue after imaging a new pc with my master image. The machine I am imaging are newer HP model computers that include, HP Zbooks, Prodesk 400, Eliteone 800 AIO. I am able to image the machine fine and everything works ok post imaging. But I am seeing the same issue across the different models after imaging. At times, usually during a power loss or hard shutdown on an imaged machine, the machine will not boot and just hangs at the blue HP logo screen. If I try hitting F2 or something like that I can see an MBR error 3 error on a black screen. If I repair startup using a Windows OEM disc, the pc boots ok for another while. This only happens on computers I have imaged using Snap Deploy 5. I am not suing Universal deploy as my master images are take from exact models and same hardware as what I am imaging. I have the option set to use the entire disk and have tried changing to "as in the master image" but it does not seem to help. I also noticed that the bootloader looks like Winpe after imaging a machine, and the BIOS screen is not full size either but it usually boots Windows ok. Is anyone else running into this issue? These computers are all running Windows 7 Pro 64 bit downgrade. They are downgraded either by CDW or HP as they already have Win 7 on them when we purchase them. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello, Jason

Do you have any other product installed on the master image system? 

And if you use b1416 of Acronis Snap Deploy 5, then it makes sense to update it to the latest Update 2.


Best regards.