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Multiple issues with Snap Deploy 5

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Due to the intel driver not being in the linux based deployment  i must use a win PE environment that solves the no network found. 

once the image deploys the agent ends but the windows PE environment does not close so you have to manually close it. 

the image used has all drivers and is on the domain when captured. when deployed (after several hours of speaking with tech support) i learned i do not need to try to force it to join the domain. just rename the machine. when i do this it "joins to the domain" but does not add the machine to the DC. presumably due to problem number ?? the driver for the network that is installed on the machine fails with errors and i must reinstall the driver. after a reboot it then says there is no machine added to the trust on the dc. 

I must admit this is my first time with this software so I am positive I am missing something. but I've run out of solutions as I do not know why on identical hardware I should be getting these issues. i have captured the image and redeployed it to the same machine just to be sure.


HP Probook 640 G2 hardware

Server deployment, both machines on same subnet. Subnet has access to domain

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Hello Nathan,

Take a read of the following threads, that might be helpful

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