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new template missing many options after creating Windows 10 image

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Hello, we just created our first W10 image. We did run Sysprep before shutting the OS down for imaging. When we create a new template, the settings for 'TCP/IP', 'Network and Membership' etc are missing. Is this because we ran sysprep? (When we were imaging W7 systems we did not sysprep) Any other reasons we would not see the additional options?

By not having these options, what are we missing? If I manually join a domain and rename the system after, there really isn't anything else major we missed, right?

Attaching screenshots of the two different option sets. Thanks!


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This is due to Sysprep.  SnapDeploy is smart enough to know when an image is syspreped thus skipping some of the settings that may be included in your answer file.

TBH, I haven't seen the need to sysprep our Win10 images as of yet with SD.