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Not logging onto Machine

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Hi, Im trying to create a simpe master image locally, however snap deploy is not acepting the user name and password to the machine. Ive tried this on a Windows 2008 server and also on a Windows XP Machine.  Any ideas would be most useful. Its the connect dialogue box that its not going past.

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When you say locally, where exactly are you trying to create the image.  There should be no need to enter a username\password for a local image.  On a network share though, if using a workgroup it would be  "computername\username" for the username.  On a domain it would be "domainname\username" for the username.

Typically when connecting to a network share you can enter the path as \\computername\sharename\   and press <enter>.  When prompted for credentials, then enter "computername\username" and password and it should connect. If you have a share, you may need to enter the full share path before pressing enter.  Often times, the root of the share may not be accessible by a user account, but subsequent folders are.  As result, entering the full path is necessary because you may not be able to click through the path from the root if the entire path is not shared out.