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PXE Boot Runtime Error

Thread needs solution
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I Have Installed the newest Build of Acronis Snap & Deploy 5 1924.
Starting the UEFI Loader v.1.1.69 i get some error after selecting the desired Application.

Runtime error:
Error 0x1480009
| line info: 0x76df0d19c4c85789

|$module: bootwiz_efia64

Can Someone help?

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Hello Milton,

welcome to Acronis forums! What type of bootable media are you using here? A Linux-based or WinPE-based one? 

I've found a known issue with a WinPE-based bootable media in Acronis Backup 12.5 that looks similar to your case 

Basically, I'd try booting a media of a different type and if the issue still persists, raise a support ticket for investigation.