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PXE error 53 (PXE-E53) : No boot filename received

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I want to deploy master images from an acronis server / PXE server located in VLAN 1, ( PXE server IP adress is, gateway ip address is ) to computers located in another subnet, VLAN 5 ( gateway ip address is ).

The DHCP server is a windows server 2012 R2 DHCP role, its IP adress is

On the DHCP server, I created a new scope for the subnet with the default gateway

And as recommended options 66 and 67 are not defined.

The 2 subnets are connected together through a Stormshield SN710.

On the Stormshield, I have configured a DHCP relay service relaying DHCP requests between the 2 interfaces : and, to the DHCP server.

I created firewall rules to allow bootps (udp 67), bootpc (udp 68), tftp (udp 69) between the 2 subnets. But I am using a bypass rule that allow any traffic for testing.
The test computer in VLAN 5 get successfully an IP address from the DHCP server located in VLAN 1.

For info, deployment with the pxe server on computers located in the same subnet works perfectly.

But the test computer in VLAN 5 fails to connect to the acronis snap deploy pxe server, it displays the PXE error 53, no boot filename received.

I installed a Wireshark on the DHCP server.

When I try to connect the test computer to the pxe server :

I can see a DHCP discover message relayed by the stormshield to the DHCP server (relay agent ip is

I can see a DHCP offer message from the DHCP server to the DHCP relay and the client IP offered is ).

But there is no DHCP request after that.

In windows, I can see all the DHCP messages, discover, offer, request and ack as expected.

If someone can help me plz, thank you by advance.


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I tried with the option 66 ( ) and option 67 ( bootwiz.bin ) configured in the DHCP scope and the PXE start managed to reach the tftp step. But returned a tftp time out error.

The level of packet inspection configured in the firewall rules was the pb. Without any inspection, the acronis snap deploy agent launched successfully by pxe. I can try to deploy a master image on my test computer located in vlan 5.


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