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Semi Off-Topic Question: How are you moving machines to an OU?

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Good morning,

We not use Sysprep with our Windows 10 PC’s and use Snap Deploy (SD) to re-join the domain.  We do not use SD’s Machine name pattern at the moment; this field is left blank.  Instead, we use SD’s “Application to run” setting to call out a renaming .bat that pulls our Dell’s Service Tag to rename the clients.

These simple settings work pretty well for our environment.

However, we have not found an easy automated solution to move our renamed clients to a particular OU post-image.  Therefore, we just do this manually.

My question is how are others joining custom OU’s when using SD?  Have you found a script or another solution that gets you past this minor hurdle?

Always looking to streamline..

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Take a look at, maybe the script could be adjusted for your scenario

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I manually move them after joined to domain.