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Snap Deploy 5 Stand Alone Utility

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How does the licensing work when using deployments via the Stand Alone Utility?  Primary reason is that the deployment is much faster than over the network.  Will the license be accounted for when the device is back on the network?


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Hello Josh,

welcome to Acronis forums!

According to Acronis Licensing policy, Acronis Snap Deploy 5 licensing is based on the number of machines (servers or workstations) that you deploy. It does not matter whether you use online or standalone deployment. 

However, when performing a deployment with Acronis Snap Deploy Standalone Utility, Acronis Snap Deploy License Server cannot track this operation because the standalone utility does not access it. However, the deployment template cannot also be saved for the same reason (the standalone utility does not access Acronis Snap Deploy 5 OS Deploy Server).