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Snap Deploy 5 WinPE image deployment fails yet states "Operation Successful"

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I am trying to deploy an image on similar hardware (HPE ProLiant ML110) using WinPE boot media and the asdcmd utility. WinPE boot media is being used as we had to inject the HPE storage controller drivers for the target disk to be detected by Snap Deploy.

The same boot media was used to capture the image. Using diskpart and asdcmd list commands, it appears that Disk 1 is used in the image contents, but the logical disk on the server is Disk 0. The image is located at the root of an attached USB drive.

From what I have found, it appears the /harddisk: command specifies the disk number in the image, and the /target_harddisk: command can be added if the target disk number for the hardware is different.

The following example command was run, and the utility immediately returns "Operation Successful" without showing any progress and the image does not actually get deployed.

asdcmd /deploy /filename:D:\Image_Name_2020.tib /harddisk:1 /target_harddisk:0

I am not sure if the issue is the mismatched disk numbers, the syntax of the script, some type of security setting in the server BIOS, or something else altogether.

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Additional info: when we run the script with the /log command, here is the output:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
<log uuid="" product="Acronis Snap Deploy" version="5.0" build="1755" >
    <event id="1" level="4" module="100" code="2" time="1611975057" message="Operation has succeeded." />

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The issue was resolved by standing up a new Snap Deploy management console (latest build), creating new WinPE boot media with the injected HPE storage controller drivers and deploying through the Standalone Utility. The WinPE boot media we had created previously was from a build where the Standalone Utility was removed. At the time Acronis had stated this was by design.

Now the server won't boot after image deployment is complete - will continue to troubleshoot with support.

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Thank you for taking the time to share the outcome with the community!