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Snap Deploy Agent Network Detection Failure

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We are currently using Acronis Snap deploy and when booting to the snap deploy agent it fails to detect a network card present on multiple different machines. We have tried on both a Dell 7730 and 7530 and neither will work. However I am able to PXE boot to our Acronis Server and select the different options available. Any ideas on how we can get the snap deploy agents to detect new network cards? We are currently running the build build 1808 as the previous build 1780 had the same issue.

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Hello Tom,

have you tried to go through troubleshooting steps in this KB article ?

Otherwise, you can create and use Win PE-based bootable media where you can add drivers for your network card.

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Hi Tom,


looks like you Dell models use the same driver as their HP alternatives( E1C65x64.*)

You can give it a try to add these into your WinPE image, a Feedback would be nive to now if that does not work for you either. We are having these issues with HP (…

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FYI... just curious if anyone has attempted to build WinPE rescue media with MVP rescue media builder?  There is an option to inject your local system drivers (whatever system you build the rescue media from) as well as custom drivers.  We include my own KillerEthernet drivers and have had 100% success adding my own with this method.  Assuming you have the correct drivers to add into the custom folder at build, this should inject them for you automatically.

FYI... Dell has specific WinPE drivers for every system (and generic drivers for all dell's using WinPE here too)

Download the appropriate .cab, extract with 7-Zip and then place your drivers in the appropriate "drivers_custom" folder in the MVP winpe builder before starting it.  

Note that this tool is supported by Acronis in the right hand side >>>>> 

And it's also a KB article.

It works with True Image and Snap Deploy and will inject any Acronis products you have installed on the system already.  Plus, it also works with the latest Windows 10 ADK (where I've noticed Snap Deploy is always 1 or 2 versions behind before it's included)