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Snap Deploy and Dell 7060

Thread needs solution
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Hi, when I boot on acronis i got the following message.  No network interface are available.  Acronis Snap deploy 5 1780. Very strange. 

What do I have to do. Thanks and regard.

Eric Provini

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Sorry this has been missed.  I'd suggest posting directly in the Snap Deploy forum instead of here.  FYI, there is a new version of SD 5 1888 which includes support for offline deployment now as well.  With that, WinPE is now perfect since it has the capability of adding your own drivers to to it with DISM (or if you want an easier time and better rescue media, build it with the MVP custom rescue media builder instead).  Anyway, it sounds like you don't have the drivers needed in your boot environment and WinPE would be the easy fix.