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The source x.tib is not available.

Thread needs solution
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I am a new Snap Deploy 5 user.
I made a hot image of a Windows 10 build 2004 from Dell (in 10GB chunks).
I created a PE boot with the disk and network drivers.
I stored the .tibs on a network share accessible to "Everyone".
I run the deployment task and get this error:
"The source" \\ \ images \ 202012-Dell Latitude 5510 \ Dell-Lat55101.tib "is not available.
Additional information :
Error code: 5
Module: 126
LineInfo: 70E26A1BA387E775
Fields: $ module: "osd_server_vs_2028"
Message: The source "\\ \ images \ 202012-Dell Latitude 5510 \ Dell-Lat55101.tib" is not available. "

I don't know what to do, sharing is easily accessible, I don't understand ...

Thanks for your help.

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Thank you for your posting! We'd recommend checking the following steps:

- Make sure that the Deploy Agent loads correctly and is able to connect to the Deployment Server. Agent bootability issues are outside the scope of this article as this is a pre-deployment preparation.

- A lot of deployment failures are caused by incorrect multicast configurations in the environment. If the deployment is failing in multicast, make sure to try the same deployment with unicast. If it works in unicast, check whether your network supports multicast and whether it is working.

- As a quick workaround if the deployment is urgent and as a test to exclude network issues, please try to run a Standalone Deployment and note the results. This is not always possible because this component does not support booting via PXE server.

- If the master image is located on the network, try to exclude this point of failure by copying the master image to a local drive of the Deploy Server.

If the root cause of the issue is still unknown, please contact Acronis support team for investigation.