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Surface 4 Pro wont boot to Windows after Image Deployment

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The issue I'm having is with imaging Microsoft Surface Pro 4's using the stand alone SD5 disk.  While I am able to capture an image fine (when I was first trying to capture an Image, I had an issue with an unknown partition, but found that turning off the Windows encryption fixed this issue, and now I am making a good 25gb image instead of the entire 250gb disk) but after I deploy the image to the new Surface it appears to complete correctly with no errors, and afterwards will not boot into windows.  As I have everything else disabled save for that option, it just boots back into UEFI.  


Has anyone run into this problem?  Any advice for getting the stand alone boot to work?  


Thank you!

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Hello Chris,

Thank you for your posting! Are you already using the build 1761? If not, please download it from my comment here 

Note: this is a custom pre-release build, that's why it is not available in the personal account.