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Universal Deploy, Accounts, and IP settings missing from "Template Wizard"

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Hello Team,

I am facing the following issue. Upon trying to create a new deployment template, in the "Specify the deployment settings that will be common for all deployed machines", I have the following options:

-Target disk layout

-Disk space utilization

-Settings preference

-Action after deployment

-Network utilization



Last week I had sections for using "Universal Deploy", adding drivers, creating domain/local accounts and IP settings. They all now seem to have disappeared. 


I have 5 available Server licenses and 3 available PC licenses. All of them are "trial" licenses.

I also reinstalled the whole Acronis Snap Deploy 5 suite and re-enabled the licenses. No effect. 

Could you please help me how to proceed? We do need these options.

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Looks like operating system is not detected in the specified master image.

Please clarify what operating system is in the master image specified while creating the deployment template?

Best regards.

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Hello Alexander,

The information from your post was quite helpful. Thank you!

If your are interested in the clarifications, you can read below:

Problem: I was imaging Windows 10 initially installed on a virtual machine and deploying it to a physical one. That was not successful and that was the image with the missing options from my initial post.

Resolution: Then, I prepared a physical machine with a 25GB partition at the beginning of the hard disk. I installed Windows 10 on the mentioned partition. Then, booted from Ubuntu Live CD and created a byte-to-byte copy with "dd" of the partition from the beginning of the hard drive (to a Samba share). Then, I imported the image file in KVM and booted the VM. The VM is now successfully snapped and deployed to physical machines via Acronis Snap Deploy 5.

*The Windows installion is MBR/BIOS one (not UEFI/GPT).

I hope that this will help someone who is trying to migrate from physical-to-virtual or vice versa using the Acronis' products.

Thanks once again!


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Varban, thank you for sharing your solution with the Community!