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Windows 7 X64 image Snap Deploy 5 Build 1660

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I built a master image from an HP Z230 workstation and trying to do a universal deploy to a HP Z240 workstation. Once completed the image looks clean with no warnings in device manager. The only problem was the system did not automatically get added to the domain. I provided naming convention, domain name, and domain admin credentials. But when the system came up it did not automatically join the domain. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Chris, was the computer account already created in AD?  YOu have to do that first.  If the computer object was already there, you need to "reset" the computer object in AD first, wait a few minutes for it to replicate to any other domain controllers and then deploy the image.  Every time you deploy an image with this setting, the comptuer object must already be created as new or be "reset" in AD first so that it can be joined as a new computer system.