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Windows Based Snap Deploy Agents Getting In The Way Of Kicking Off Images From the PXE Based Agent

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Have an issue where we boot the SnapDeploy Agent from PXE and kick off an image.  But the imaging process never really starts and appears to time out after about a minute or so.

Noticed that the IP and MAC address of the computer that Acronis was trying to image was cycling through two different computers (this has never happened before).  One was the computer I want to image (booted to the PXE Agent) and one was a computer on the domain running Windows (the default setting in the Acronis imaging process is to install the Acronis Agent on the imaged PC).

Uninstalled the Agent from the Windows domain computer that was causing the problem, only to find another domain computer was now showing up as cycling through in the Acronis Server Console.

So, it appears that out of the blue, the Agent installed on our PC's (Windows) is communicating in such a way that it is confusing the Acronis Server as to what computer I actually want to image.  If I delete the Agent from the offending Windows domain computer, another Windows domain takes it place and the imaging process continues to time out.

Has anyone seen this behavior before?  Is there a remedy short of uninstalling the Acronis Agent from all domain computers?


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Hello Russell,

sorry for the delayed response. There was a similar issue investigated by our engineers/developers.

We will need to see what happens on Acronis OS Deploy Server logs during this attempt. Please collect system information from the server where this component is installed. If Acronis OS Deploy Server resides on the same machine with Management Console, then please collect the system information from there. Our engineers will also need step-by-step screenshots of what you see in Acronis Management Console during this issue reproducing. The remote machine behavior description will also be very helpful (if you have a possibility to see what happens there).