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Woefully Slow writing performance

Thread needs solution
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Been using the product for a while now and never really seen any decent write speeds . Image creation is no issues at all , decent speeds there no complaints.

Writing speeds are terrible 5 MB/sec so a typical image for us is 50GB ..  basically an overnight job , Just for 1 laptop at a time too. If i add 2 laptops then I see 2.5MB/sec

I have messed around with multicast , TTL, unicast and neither or a combination of messing around does nothing for speeds

Images are stored on a Synology share with 4x 1GB link agg

The laptop running the SD5 is 1GB  and the write to the laptop getting the image is on SSD and 1GB

I have everything on the same unifi switch to mitigate switch link issues ( there shouldn't be as they're all 10GBe)

Same switch  / Vlan / subnet

If i copy a windows file from the same synology share to the  laptop with SD5 on it , then we see 100MB/sec so it's not the switch or any cable issues for sure.


Pretty sure i'm using the most up to date  version ( as seen in pic attached)

Help !! anyone?




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Hi! I'd recommend starting with the article Acronis Snap Deploy: Troubleshooting Slow Deployment, If the root cause for the slowness is still not localized, please open a support ticket for investigation.