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Thread needs solution
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Hello friends
I keep installing more PC with the same Win image, so far I have always done this with Clonezilla, I made an image there and saved it to my NAS.
Then when I installed new PC, I could install the image from the NAS.
Does this also work with a Produkut from Acronis? If so which one? THANKS

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Hello Adri,

thank you for your posting! Several products of Acronis can store images on the external media, so the choice would mostly depend on the scale of your operations and whether the product is applied in the home or business environment. If you are looking for a data management\data protection software for a personal use, I'd recommend looking at Acronis True Image 2021. If you intend doing multiple deployments over time and don't need the data protection, then Acronis Snap Deploy would be your choice.