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Acronis Snap and Deploy 6 build 3640

Thread needs solution
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Version 6 build 3640 still can't create or image any machines from my nas on the network. Im using the latest build for the bootable and it sees my Synology nas however it wont populate the username and password unless i actually type username after the address, and when i enter my credentials it just sits there and blinks after pressing enter and asks me to enter my credentials again. Works perfectly fine with Snap and Deploy 5 but for some reason 6 it does not work. can we get this fixed? I have already called support and 3640 is definately closer to a resolution because prior build didn't even see the nas but atleast this build does.

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Acronis Support
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Dear Robert Chojnowski,
It seems like with this issue you better contact our support Customer Service and Support (