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Acronis Snap Deploy 6 build 2890 is available!

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Dear Acronis Community!

Please be aware about Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Update 1 release.

Build number:  2890

Fixed issues:
·       [ASD-4556] Boot from PXE server does not work in some cases after direct upgrade from Acronis Snap Deploy 5 to 32-bit version of Acronis Snap Deploy 6.
·       [ASD-4550] Deployment fails when "Online Deployment" → "Install agent" option is enabled in the deployment template.
·       [ASD-4549] "OS Deploy Server" installation fails when user provides "Deployment" licenses during the installation.
·       [ASD-4548] Windows Recovery partition attribute is set to "0000000000000000" after deployment.
·       [ASD-4547] Deployment template wizard: TIB files are not shown when using "Image (*.tib)" file pattern in Japanese build.
·       [ASD-4545] System reserved partition cannot be checked/unchecked during master image creator which may cause non-original partition layout to appear after deployment of GPT-based Windows 10 image.
·       [ASD-4527] Acronis Snap Deploy 6 installer does not accept v6 Upgrade keys.
Full release notes are available here: ENJA.
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