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Acronis Snap Deploy 6 build 3030 is available!

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Dear Acronis Community!

Please be aware about Acronis Snap Deploy 6 new build release.

Build number: 3030

Fixed issues:

·       [ASD-4610] Writing master image to a DVD-R/DVD-RW fails when performed using Linux-based bootable media.

·       [ASD-4595] Management Console crashes when editing a deployment task where target machines are added as a group.

·       [ASD-4580] Error "E009C0002: Cannot deserialize the object due to its meta info inconsistency..." appears when managing deployment templates after upgrade from Acronis Snap Deploy 5 in rare cases.

·       [ASD-4578] Error "AddWindowsError" appears in WinPE-based bootable media environment after closing CMD window.

·       [ASD-4569] Management Console may crash when selecting a master image which contains volumes with corrupted file system during deployment template creation.

·       [ASD-4559] The tree of available storage locations is empty when browsing path for OS drivers for Acronis Universal Restore during deployment template creation or editing.


Full release notes are available here: EN.

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