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Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Update 1 (build 3640) is available!

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Dear Acronis Community,

today  Acronis releases Acronis Snap Deploy 6 Update 1 build 3640.

Build number: 3640


What’s new:


·        Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 support:

Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022 are now supported for both installation of Acronis Snap Deploy 6 components and for creation/deployment of the master images.

·        Simultaneous deployment tasks:

It is now possible to create and run multiple deployment tasks on a single OS Deploy Server in parallel, thus allowing to deploy different master images to different machines simultaneously. You can also configure multicast addresses range used by OS Deploy Server to minimize networking conflicts, for example when you run 2 or more OS Deploy Servers in the same network.

·        Deployment via “Task Name” option:

This option solves the scenarios where you need to deploy multiple different master images to different target machines simultaneously and avoid situations where any machine gets a wrong master image. With this option enabled in the deployment task, the machines will be deployed only if they have a value for the "Task name" parameter configured before connecting to the OS Deploy Server, and this value matches the deployment task name.

·        Deployment from TIBX archives:

Archives created by Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud and Acronis Cyber Protect 15 can now be used as master images for deployment.


Fixed issues:


·        [ASD-4727] The OS Deploy Server address is not correctly set in deployment templates configured for User-initiated Deployment mode.

·        [ASD-4676] Linux-based bootable media: Master image cannot be saved locally to a specific model of external SSD drive (BUFFALO SSD-PGM960U3-B). Error: "This is a local disk of the current machine".

·        [ASD-4675] WinPE media: Master image creation fails with "The operation is not supported. Incorrect function." error if the target for master image is set to DVD media.

·        [ASD-4673] When saving machine name in individual machine settings, the line feed code("\r\n") is not truncated automatically. This happens when the name is copied together with "CRLF" and pasted into the text field from another source (e.g Microsoft Excel document).

·        [ASD-4651] Static IP settings are not applied to the deployed machines if Acronis Universal Deploy is enabled during deployment.

·        [ASD-4648] Media Builder: If the WinPE media is created using Japanese, Korean, Chinese or other locale which supports 2-byte symbols, then the with default name of the ISO file is also localized which leads to 0 size of the created WinPE media (broken ISO file).

·        [ASD-4647] "Files to transfer" deployment option does not correctly transfer all files to the deployed machine if there was a network folder specified for transfer.

·        [ASD-4621] WinPE bootable media is broken and cannot start due to missing archive_mount_helper.dll file, if this media was created on a machine which had only "Management Console" and "Media Builder" installed without other components.


Full release notes are available here: EN.

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