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Anyone had success with Windows 11 yet on Snap Deploy 6 - build 6.0.3640?

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Previously i've been creating master images in VMware Workstation Pro, to then utilise in Acronis Snap Deploy.

I had some issues with Windows 11 VM's as i had to enable TPM Modules, and Drive encrytption, and Secure boot to even get a VM built..(which is not acronis related i know).

However, when i try to use this master image in acronis, it gets 90 percent through the deployment, and finishes trasnferring to the disk, when it gets to the stage to "transfer files" the progress stops and the agent closes back to a ready for deployment state.

The management console then just shows it has failed.

I am using the latest management console/server and boot agent.

I've looked through logs and it shows the files set during the transfer section are "has been accepted for downloading from the file server using unicast" just crashes.

I'm wondering if its to do with the actual windows 11 master image i've made in VMware..Microsoft are really making it a pain to do mass deployments :|

I might have to just stick with windows 10 for as long as possible, as my W10 master images i've created in VMware have 0 issues.

Anyone had any luck with Windows 11 master images?

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Hrmm i just removed any files in my deployment template in "Files to transfer" and the deployment worked, windows 11 has been deployed, but of course files I try to send across during the deployment aren't available.

At least it gives me something to look into further.

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Hi Michael,

Did you ever find a solution to this? I have the same exact problem, and the logs unfortunately do not show me anything that points to an error.

Any help is much appreciated, thanks!